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About Me

Elizabeth Brodin

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and have worked in San Diego & Riverside counties my entire career with concentrations in Emergency Room Nursing and Nursing Case Management. Throughout my long career I have integrated Massage Therapy into my nursing practice and I have seen the healing benefits of massage and witnessed the power of therapeutic touch. Also, I pride myself in caring about what I use to put onto a client's skin. I use a massage butter that I created myself, pre-Covid. It's pure, simple & organic and individually packaged for your safety. My massage butter is also practical for the therapist as well. Easy to carry, easy to access & single use pods to help decrease chances of cross contamination. You can purchase pods in packs of 12. Preventing cross contamination has never been more important. You can bring your own organic butter to your next massage appointment or ask your therapist to use this awesome massage butter. Also, for those who prefer, tins are available as well. Doing everything I can do to prevent illness has been a way of life for me, please make it a part for you, now, more than ever. 

Elizabeth Brodin RN, BSN, CMT