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Interested in selling Nurse Massage Therapy™ Organic Massage Butter in your spa, salon or clinic?

Counter display kits are available to promote as an add on!

Client advantages:

  • Individually packaged for safety (reduces cross contamination).
  • High quality ingredients (no greasy residue, absorbs gently into the skin).
  • Unscented (no perfumes or dyes).
  • Biodegradable packaging.
  • Client controls what they are being exposed to.
  • Cost - $5 - $9 suggested retail price (rather small amount compared to the average price of a massage, $75-$125, and tipping, averages $15-$20).

Therapist advantages:

  • Promotes concern for client safety.
  • Promotes “high quality” massage with emphasis on therapeutic benefits of massage.
  • Promotes self-care with left over that can be given to the client.
  • Less waste & mess – No back and forth to the dispenser with dripping, creating an unclean, unsafe work area and less waste of product.
  • Helps to promote the Massage Therapist as a healthcare professional using products created by a Registered Nurse/Massage Therapist.

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